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Commercial Risk - Property And Casualty Covers
We offer our represented insurers’ Commercial lines products to meet your company insurance need.
Business/Office/Retail Package Insurance
Business Business/Office/Retail Package Insurance provides flexible coverage in one affordable and convenient package for your business. This package is specifically designed for small and medium sized enterprise.


Burglary Insurance provides you with protection should your business premises be broken into and burgled. It also provides indemnity for damage caused by theft or attempted theft.

Commercial All Risks

This policy covers your property for any accidental physical loss or damage (other than loss or damage specifically excluded in the policy).

Consequential Loss Insurance

This policy can be taken with an existing fire policy.

A Fire Policy covers material damage to a building and contents. This policy offers protection against the loss of gross profits that your business suffers as a result of a claim under your Fire Policy.

Extensions to cover the following perils can also be included for a nominal premium:
•    Extraneous perils
•    Denial of access
•    Failure of electricity supply
•    Infectious disease

Contractors' All Risks/Erection

This policy provides all risks cover during the construction period for contract works against loss or damage to property and third party liability for accidental bodily injury or property damage in connection with the performance of the contract. The Contractors/Erection All Risks policies are specially designed for building contractor or developer.

Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance

This policy provides the most innovative and extensive insurance for directors and officers their personal liability (including lawyer fee for defending a claim) while acting in their capacity as a Director or Officer of a company.

Equipment All Risks

This policy protects your business equipment and machinery. It indemnifies you against the risk of accidental physical loss or damage to property due to external causes while at your premises, during loading, unloading or land transit.

Fire & Extraneous Perils

The Policy covers loss, destruction or damage to property insured arising out of fire, lightning and named perils.

Foreign Workers Bond

Following the successful application for new/renewal of existing work permit for your foreign workers, the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore would require you, the Employer to:
•  Submit a security deposit of S$5,000 per worker. This can be in the form of an Insurance Bond.

Insmart (Insurance) Agency is able to provide service to this type of Bond for workers from China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines etc sources approved by the Ministry of Manpower.
•  The period of the Bond provided is normally for 26 months.

We provide very affordable and competitive premium for Immigration Bonds on all classes of foreign workers.

Maid Insurance

Provide Personal Accident insurance and medical benefits (including medical treatment and hospitalization expenses) for your domestic helper. And also offers up to 14 comprehensive covers at affordable premium. It has 2 plans to suit your different needs and budgets. Here are some of the special covers:
•  Worldwide Personal Accident
•  Hospital and Surgical Expenses
•  Repatriation Expenses
•  Wages and Levy Compensation
•  Termination Expenses

Marine Cargo/Marine Hull

The Marine Cargo Insurance offers protection for your goods against damage or loss during transit.

The Marine Hull Insurance protects you against liability for damage to other vessels if there is an accident at sea. This policy also insures your vessel against loss or damage to the hull and machinery.

Money Insurance

Our Money Policy indemnifies you against the loss of money while in transit between your premises and the bank or post office and vice versa at your premises, provided all money is securely locked in a safe, strongroom, drawers, cabinets or cash registers.

Performance Bond

Performance bonds are a common requirement in most construction projects. Performance bonds are used to provide the beneficiary with security in a variety of situations. For instance, performance bonds may represent the tender security deposit that is submitted at the time of the tender. Sometimes, performance bonds are used to secure advance payments to the contractor.

However, the majority of performance bonds represent security in respect of a contractor’s performance during the construction and maintenance periods. In such an instance, typically, a contractor will procure a performance bond from an insurance company or a bank in favor of the employer.

Opt for Insmart (Insurance) Agency represented insurers’ bonds as an alternative to a Banker’s Guarantee, which is usually a contractual requirement by:
•  Your client if you are in the business of construction/renovation or erection of plants/machinery (Performance Bonds,     Advance Payment Bonds, Retention Money Bonds) or supply of goods or materials (Supply Bonds)
•  Your landlord in lieu of a rental deposit (Rental Bonds)

Plate Glass

This policy covers you in respect of glass breakage within your business premises.   

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The policy covers the named individual or legal entity against an allegation of negligence, error or omission from a third party in the course of providing your Professional Service.

Public Liability

The policy protects you from legal claims in connection with your business against:
•  accidental bodily injury or illness to persons
•  accidental loss or damage to property in Singapore

It also includes:
•  all costs and expenses of litigation recoverable by any claimant against you
•  costs incurred with our written consent.

Work Injury Compensation

In accordance with Section 23(1) of the Workmen's Compensation Act, it is compulsory for an employer to insure his employees against accidental bodily injury arising out of and in the course of employment.

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