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SmartPlan Office

Harness your time more effectively with SmartPlan Office - the one package for all your insurance needs. It gives you the flexibility to increase the coverage limits or add on optional covers to suit your unique requirements.

Compulsory Cover

1. All Risks

We will pay for your accidental loss or damage to your real (excluding building) and personal property.

2. Work Injury Compensation

As an employer, it is mandatory that you protect your employees engaged under a contract of service against work accidents or illnesses. We will compensate you against any claims, relating to your responsibility as employer.

Optional Cover

3. Daily Cash for Business Interruption

Business interruption from an outbreak of infectious disease or during failure of electricity supply could result in additional cost and expense to your business. We pay daily cash during the period of interruption.

4. Theft of Money

We compensate you against any loss or damage to your money (currency notes, cheques, credit card, sales vouchers)

5. Public Liability

We will compensate for claims in the case of third parties’ death or injury following an accident that your business is responsible of. Third parties include walk-in customers or damages to a neighboring occupier’s property.

6. Worldwide Personal Accident

We will pay you/your staff a lump-sum in the event of accidental death or permanent disability. We will also offer daily hospital cash in the event of hospitalization due to accident occurring anywhere in the world.

7. Fidelity Guarantee

We compensate you against any financial loss arising from any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by your employees.

8. Business Interruption Cover (Gross Profit Basis)

We will pay you for the loss of income, due to loss or damage insured under All Risks, up to an indemnity period of 12 months.

9. Fire on Building

We cover you against loss of or damage to your insured building due to fire or extraneous perils, such as lightning, flood, riot, strike, etc.

  Plan A - Standard

Plan B **

Build your own
Benefits Sum Insured/Limit of

Indemnity/No. of

Maximum Sum

Insured/Limit of

Indemnity/No. of

All Risk*
Real (excluding building) and Personal property
$100,000 $2,000,000
(stock not more than 25%
of sum insured)
Work Injury Compensation* 3 employees 25 employees
Theft of Money
in Transit & in Premise
$3,000 $30,000
Public Liability $500,000 $5,000,000
Daily Cash for Business Interruption
(up to 100 days)
$250 per day $500 per day
Worldwide Personal Accident
(Cover Class 1 & 2 occupation, whose profession does not involve the use of machinery & tools, or exposed to any special hazard.)
(For 1 person)
per insured person
(25 insured person)
Business Interruption Cover (Gross Profit Basis)
(Indemnity Period: 12 months)
Fidelity Guarantee   $5,000 per employee
$10,000 in the Aggregate
Fire on Building   $2,000,000

*All Risk and Work Injury Compensation are mandatory benefits that need to be included in Plan B
** You can customize your benefits under Plan B and you will not be covered for any non-selected optional benefits.
With “What Matters?”, you can now upgrade the benefits that fit your trade!
You will get greater coverage from as low as $0.08 per day.
Office Business Category Office
Trade Specific Cover Standard Upgrade
Damage or loss of important documents  $500  $1,000
Outbreak of Contagious diseases
up to 30 days
$100 per day $150 per day
Cash relief during hospitalization
Payable up to 14 days
$100 per day $150 per day
Breakage of Fixed Plate Glass $5,000 $10,000
Increase in money cover during
bonus or festive period

or 50% of sum insured whichever
is lesser
$5,000 $10,000
  Included $30

How to upgrade?
Simply tick the “Upgrade” box in the application form to enjoy up to twice the coverage!

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SmartPlan Office - is the ideal choice for all small and medium sized business offices carrying out office operations.

It is also suitable for service industries where you are not required to carry stocks or engage in manufacturing.

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