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Homes Complete
An all-in-one cover with a difference! Protect you and your family for more than just your home contents.
  • Home Content’s Cover Suitable for all dwelling types from HDB apartment to landed property
  • Worldwide Identity Fraud & Personal Effects Cover
  • Worldwide Personal Liability Cover
  • Monthly premium at $13 only
With coverage of up to $369,000, Homes Complete provides you with a unique combination of coverage which not only protects your home, but also safeguards your personal identity from cyber crimes involving fraudulent emails and rogue websites that abuses personal particulars.

Household Contents

Homes Complete covers loss or damage to your fixtures, fittings, furniture and personal effects caused by insured perils including those belonging to your immediate family. In addition, it covers the replacement or repair cost of your insured premises’ damaged home security system due to violent and forcible entry.

Alternative Accommodation

If your insured premises is made uninhabitable by insured perils, Homes Complete covers the resulting cost of alternative accommodation up to 90 days from the date of accident including your conservancy charges incurred during this period.

Worldwide Personal Liability

Homes Complete also covers you and your immediate family for personal liability claims that you may be potentially legally liable for. This includes accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party and legal costs incurred in Singapore.

Worldwide Identity Fraud

In this digital age of rampant identity theft, Homes Complete offers you peace of mind by covering you and your family worldwide for monetary loss due to identity fraud including legal fees, loss of wages or other incidental costs incurred in Singapore.

Worldwide ATM Assault & Personal Effects

Should an ATM assault occur, Homes Complete offers you and your immediate family extensive worldwide protection against monetary loss or loss or damage to personal effects and identity documents, and medical expenses incurred as a result of theft of your personal effects.

Worldwide Personal Accident Free

Finally, Homes Complete provides you and your spouse (65 years and below) with free personal accident coverage anywhere in the world.
Benefits At A Glance
Benefits Maximum Sum Insured
Household Contents1
Covers loss or damage to your fixtures and fittings, furniture and other personal effects in your insured premises' belonging to you and your immediate family2 due to insured perils3&4.

*The aggregate amount of $100,000 includes burglary by forcible entry of up to $25,000. Excess applies for theft by violent and forcible entry.
Alternative Accommodation
Covers alternative accommodation expenses of up to 90 days should the insured premises be made uninhabitable due to insured perils3.
Worldwide Identity Fraud5
Covers you and your family's monetary loss due to identity
per occurence
Covers your legal fees, loss of wages or other incidental
costs incurred in Singapore.
per occurence
Worldwide ATM Assault and Personal Effects5
Covers monetary loss or damage suffered by
you and your family due to ATM assault.
per occurence
Covers medical expenses due to injury caused
by theft of personal effects/ATM assault whilst
outside of your insured premises.
per occurence
Covers loss or damage to your personal effects
and identity documents due to theft.
per occurence
Worldwide Personal Liability
Covers personal liability that you and your immediate family2 may be held liable for such as accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party including legal costs incurred in Singapore.
Worldwide Personal Accident Free
Covers worldwide accidental death for insured and spouse (65 yrs and below).
$20,000 each
Monthly Premium $13 per month
3-year (lump sum payment) $445  Save $23!
3-year (interest-free instalment plan) $39 for 12 months
  1. Contents shall mean fixtures, fittings (not provided by HDB), interior decorations,
    household furniture, furnishings, clothing, valuables, and personal belongings in the
    insured premises. Exclusions as specified in the policy terms and conditions apply.
  2. Family refers to a member of Your family related to you by blood, through marriage or by
    adoption in relation to any written law, permanently residing in your insured premise.
  3. Insured Perils refer to fire, lightning, explosion of domestic appliances, smoke damage,
    earthquake, bursting and overflowing of domestic water pipes, damage caused by vehicle
    not belonging to or under the control of the Insured or a member of the Insured’s family,
    aircraft or other aerial devices dropped therefrom, riots and strikes, malicious damage,
    spontaneous combustion and theft.
  4. Excess applies for selected insured perils where applicable
  5. Excess of $200 applies for each and every claim.
All the above benefits are subject to Policy terms, conditions and exclusions.
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